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Foundation Training

WARNING: Only perform this procedure if Dr. Batchelor has personally recommended to you.

 What is Foundation Training?

You can quickly learn the tools you need to fix many of the chronic pains plaguing our daily lives. Learning to connect the Posterior Chain will teach you to move naturally, evenly absorbing the weight of your body. Once you begin to move properly you will engage more muscles in every step you take, sport you play, and exercise you choose to do.

All ages and fitness abilities can benefit from Foundation Training because it teaches your body to move as nature intended. You will reach new heights in physical health and feel improved control of your body. Many of our clients have broken longstanding plateaus by taking the time to master these fundamental movement patterns, and all of our clients have improved the way their bodies move.

No equipment is necessary and you can do it just about anywhere. Your body adapts quickly to these natural movement patterns, so much so that you begin reinforcing them throughout your day without having to think about it. This is truly sustainable exercise.

To enter into a proper Founder:

  • Stand with your feet facing straight forward, legs about 3 feet apart. Stand tall with your chest held high and chin pulling back towards your neck.
  • Press your body weight into the heels and pull your hips back behind you with knees ever so slightly bent. Be sure to continue your chest lifting and chin pulling towards the neck throughout the whole movement sequence.
  • As the hips pull back bring the arms, with palms up, straight ahead of you. Lift your arms as high as you can and keep your eyes on the horizon. Your lower back should be on fire within 20 seconds if in the right position.
  • After 20-40 seconds of the founder position you are going to stretch to the ground or to a chair height object I’m front of you. As you stretch, be sure to keep your weight behind your heels, knees slightly bent and hips as far back as possible.
  • If you feel the stretch in your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and low back you are nailing the exercise. Hold it for 20-40 seconds.
  • SLOWLY begin to return to the founder position by pressing your hands to the shins and lift your chest up with a tight, braced lower spine. WATCH THE VIDEO AT LEAST ONCE THROUGH BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FULL EXERCISE.
  • As soon as your chest is high enough to look forward and your weight is pressed firmly into the heels you can bring the arms behind you, making your chest as wide as possible. Your goal is to recreate the dense muscle tension at the low back muscles while stretching the hamstrings. That will make a lot more sense after practicing a bit.
  • The finishing move is bring the arms forward and up as high as possible while keeping the hips hinged, the weight on the heels and the chest as high as possible.
  • Do this a lot.

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