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So glad I found this practice – jacked up my back & was in terrible spasms & within in days of beginning therapy – I was moving about with no pain.  RELIEF is what I needed and would not hesitate to recommend to friend or family member.  – Pamela T

A healer with skill and technology. I value this clinic as a place of no bull. It is not a waste of my time and my friends were correct when they told me Dr. B would tell me exactly like it is as well as do what ever it takes to get me feeling better. The whole staff and administrative procedures are far more advanced than any health care office I have experienced. I know he only accepts those he feels he can help. He did not waste my time and he does not waste his time. – Russ Arnold

Professional, scientific and effective care I have experienced the last 10 years as a patient. Affordable with a staff that is an extension of the doctor. I do not like to waste time nor money and BC is not waste. – Duncan Harris

If your back is hurting and your feeling bad, don’t just suffer, see Doctor Brad! – Lee Shargel

I have been here n very good place for treatment with friendly staff and good ambiance plus atmosphere too, check it out people! – Amizir Mansoor

Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic of Boone is the most complete chiropractic clinic I have experienced. Dr. Batchelor cares about his patients and their health. If he cannot help you he will refer you to a competent health care facility. He has the most complete health care facility you can find anywhere and he gives you his personal attention. For pain management and nutrition it does not get any better than this. Anyone who can make it to Watauga County in North Carolina will enjoy a better quality of life by attending The Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic in Boone Sensei Larry Bullard   Dojo Black Belt Hall of Fame

Thanks so much for providing great care to me while visiting my home town,  you are the best!     Bob Matheson,   Miami Dolphins



Dr. Brad

Thanks for the spinal fulcrums they’re great.   

Dave Scott,   5 time Ironman Triathlon Championship 


Dr. B

After having a pain in my back and  down my let leg I went to my family doctor and he gave me pain pills. I went to two physiotherapy places and still had pain, I decides to pick my own doctor so I came to your office.  Now I have NO pain, I can sweep, mop, sit  in a chair, exercise and drive a car with no pain.  Now I can do everything thanks to your clinic.

Pat Whitman


Dr. Batchelor

I am here because of you.  I will be forever grateful.

Mike Levine


Dear Dr. Batchelor

I just wanted to drop a note to you to let you know how much I appreciate the recent help and relief that you have given me.

My only regret is that did’nt come to you sooner.



Dear Friend

Jean and I take this opportunity to thank you for  your expert knowledge, your kindness and

thoughtfulness in treating us and your devotion to the welfare of  your patients.  Be assured

or our respect  and very best wishes.

Bill Strickland

ASU professor of Theology



Thank you so much for helping the ASU track team through the years.  You are a winner!

Bob Pollock

ASU track coach


Dr. Brad

Thanks for finding the blockage in my carotid artery you saved my life!

Mike Solecito



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