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What To Expect

No Paperwork or Fee for your Consultation
One of the first health care offices in Boone to utilize Electronic Medical Records we have made it simple and easy to process your information and keep your records and treatment updated in all areas. Our staff will help in every way to make the new and established patients comfortable in using this new technology. EMR is crucial in keeping your treatment, examinations, insurance relations accurate with less errors and time efficient.

Once your information has been entered into our system and Doctor Batchelor has reviewed your data you will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your primary concerns whether an acute or chronic problem or just wish to stay healthy.

History and Examination
The Doctor will discuss with you your history and establish what exam is needed to evaluate your situation. Examination, specific radiographs or other tests may be required to help us help you in your goals. We may take precise digital x-ray images of you. We also have a great relationship with MRI imaging Centers and Labs in case additional tests are needed. We are conservative and do everything possible to save you time and money.

Digital X-ray Studies
Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays accurately, measure your spine biomechanics and instabilities, rule out pathology and defects or evaluate degeneration and of course rule our more serious conditions. We also take extremity views or other views if needed as we do not want to miss important areas that may or may not contribute to your main concerns. Our radiographs are precise, weight bearing, comfortable and measurable.

The biomechanics of the human spine are incredibly important for understanding numerous health conditions. Abnormal posture plays a significant role in the degeneration of tissues and in the understanding of degenerative processes. Having a thorough understanding of the normal spine and spinal biomechanics gives us a window into the structure and function of the human structure and nervous system.

The human nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, every tissue and every organ system in the body. Structure determines function, and the biomechanical structure of the human spine and posture determine the function of the delicate nervous system that is housed inside.

At Batchelor Chiropractic we can visualize the most in-depth spinal structures possible! We can have insights that few others possess! We can utilize this amazing technology to see the root source of many problems from abnormal muscle function to disc, bone, and spinal pain. We can see the structural abnormalities that cause stresses and strains on the nerves and thus lead to less functional capability.

With with our high frequency, fully digital analysis, we can provide the safest, most informative analysis possible!

We will not rush into treatment without your information evaluated, your spine or other structure measured, and your case investigated. If you have an acute injury we will do all we can to begin getting you back to feeling good as soon as possible.          Please visit our Services and Specialties menu.

Home Care
If your situation demands home recommendations we will create custom home care recommendations that have proven to speed your healing. We expect all of our patients to take responsibility for their health by helping themselves at home.

Your Appointment Schedule
You will be given your next appointment before leaving the office. Your next appointment (usually the next day) will include a Report of Findings in which we your go over your situation, discuss plans and goals . If you are accepted as a patient we will begin appropriate care.

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